Blending work is performed step by step making judicious choices that must suit the profile of the champagne we are seeking.

For this crucial step, we have several levers at our disposal: the grape variety, the vintage, the reserve wine, and another variable that is often overlooked: the type of tank used.

So, let’s take a look at the options:

WOOD – Charm 

Wood allows the wines to develop an extremely attractive vanilla and toasted character, it gives the wine body.

CONCRETE – Minerality

The tulip vat, made of this material, produces wines of great  freshness and enhances the natural aromas of the fruit.

ENAMEL – Openness 

traditional material used at Mandois since 1946, enamel helps to us to craft delicious, vibrant and open wines.  


Offering formidable precision, this material allows us to produce base wines of great finesse which is essential for the balance of any good blend.


“These are difficult times and the future is, of course, looking somewhat uncertain.

However, just as our grandparents and great-grandparents did in even more troubled times, we need to stay the course!

First of all, our key focus must remain the respect for human values, the foundation blocks of our Champagne House.

But the growing season continues nonetheless and we should not forget to work the vineyards with purpose and our wines with precision in order to shape the future, as brighter days still lie ahead

Take care and we’ll be back in touch shortly, “

Claude Mandois

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