9 April 2020
This process consists of removing the yeast deposit inside each bottle and adding a drop of “liqueur” to finalise the crafting of each fine Champagne.
Maison Mandois has state-of-the-art equipment to handle this final stage of the champagne-making process with great precision.
Step 1. Creation of a Champagne ice cube containing the yeast deposit before removal of the capsule.
Step 2. Addition of the “liqueur” made from reserve wines stored in demi-muids.
Step 3. Bottle topping up and fill check.
Step 4. Cylindrical-shaped cork that, with the help of a special tool, will be inserted into the neck of the bottle.
Step 5. Final check using a digital camera to verify the quality of the operation.
To watch the video about this important step of vinification : CLICK HERE !!!
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