The #wines vinified in classic vats have a light gold colour which is a little more intense for the wines #vinified in wood. The nose is very fruity and #luscious with some delicate scents of mirabelle plum and lychee. Once the glass warms up, the entry to the palate is very smooth, releasing some citrus notes that reveal the infinite #delicacy of the Chardonnay.

🍇 Meunier

The golden colour of the wine has a slight amber tinge to it, indicating a #blackgrapevariety. The nose is slightly toasted and packed with aromas. The palate has a certain maturity, it develops pleasant notes of mandarin and prune. The lightly toasted finish reflects a #finelycrafted vinification in #wood.

🍇 Pinot Noir

The Pinots Noirs from the MANDOIS #vineyards are not part of the #organictasting. This is because access to these vineyard plots is still too difficult for us to meet the requirements of #organic growing.

We will soon be getting back to you to report on the #blending work: an important step in the #crafting of our fine #champagnes…

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Claude Mandois Dégustations Février 2021

After several years working the #vineyards naturally and obtaining #organic certification with the 2020 harvest, our attention now turns to the vinification and drawing out of the expression of the terroir.

The volume of #grapes produced using organic methods is around 30% lower than that achieved using traditional growing methods, but the terroir expression is more pronounced.

The #wine produced from the harvested grapes is regularly tasted in order to tailor the receptacle (wood, cement, enamel, stainless steel) to the vinification process.

For further info, please see our March 2020 newsletter : http://xs82u.mjt.lu/nl2/xs82u/5q7ws.html?hl=fr

The use of these receptacles in different materials allows us to manage the wine’s evolution naturally and to transcribe the terroir into the glass.

Our work will now consist of carefully drawing out the typical character of each local area, in order to craft refined champagnes in a quest for excellence.

At the end of the day, savoir-faire is a combination of tradition and the constant evolution of the winemaker who remains attentive to the needs of his wine.

At Champagne MANDOIS, we have always preferred to carry out our own original #research rather than simply copying others.

This is our family’s DNA.

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