Victor Mandois 2012

Format : bottle (0,75 l)

This “symphonic” Champagne is essentially composed of grapes from old vines of over 50 years of age growing in Mandois vineyards in Chouilly and Vertus. The low yields produced by these old vines provide both the structure and the balance between concentration and finesse essential to the creation of a fine Champagne. In addition, in order to develop smoothness and complexity, a proportion of the harvest is vinified in oak barrels in the traditional method used by Victor Mandois over a century ago. The tasting fully reflects the quality of this magnificent, carefully-crafted blend: the Champagne is delicate on the nose and shows a creaminess on the palate created by its very fine bubbles. It possesses perfect harmony and long-lasting flavours.

Assemblage : Grape Variety : Traube : 100% Chardonnay

Vieillissement en caves : Aging : Altern : 7 years

Dosage : Dosage : Dosierung : 5 g/l

Marraine : Godmother : Patin : Élodie Gossuin

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